By designing AVION we thought about the needs of today’s leaders and trends shaping the current office space. We created a modular solution, which by pure and classical form brings harmony to the interior and creates a favorable environment for effective decision making. AVION is a modular system, which is a response to the needs andexpectations of managers looking for a creative space around them, which inspires.


BRAND is a system of operational and executive furniture. Its neo-modern style accented by subtle colouring and contrast with deconstructed front made of glass-fabric-reinforced polyester resin fits the BRAND into contemporary, modern and functional office.


Profil System is a modern furniture design line for arrangement of office spaces, conference rooms and management suites. The system encompasses desks supported on three types of legs designated by N, O and V symbols, management and employee chests that can be free-standing or used as desk support, conference tables and extensions.

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Aqustic consists of acoustic screens and desk partitions, sofas in rectangular form with optional upholstered walls and upholstered back panels, which can be complemented to different cabinets, chests and open cabinets.
This collection fits both modern and traditional office interiors. A wide range of available fabrics makes the office space more friendly.


Simple structure and lightness characterize Evo system. Elements of this system allow combining workstations of any arrangement. System of shelves and partitions is made of white, orange or orange fluorescent plexiglas, which gives the impression of lighting places of the mechanical or laser processing.


Functional solutions of Pulsar are simplicity and elegance of a modern executive room and multiplicity of solutions for the open spaces.


Binar is a solution designed for the modern work style of managers. This system is characterized by classic design and high quality. Binar provides a fully equipped office in both the minimalist and expanded form. 

Lino Bis

Lino BIS is based on simple and classic solutions. It fits perfectly in traditional office rooms and open spaces. Solutions used in Lino BIS provide the opportunity to build a functional office space while maintaining comfort.

ML 50

ML 50 is a combination of simple, classic form with functional solutions, allowing to meet the organizational needs of the modern office.


Our reception counters are designed to take into account the specificity of first contact with the customer. Thanks to the functional and ergonomic solutions the receptions adjust to the needs and tastes of customers. The receptions are complemented with all our cabinets, chests and pedestals.



Pedestals complement each workplace. Through their functionality they are intended to increase the efficiency of employees. Our range of pedestals is made up of different standards, giving you the ability to choose the right solution. Pedestals are made of the same materials as other furniture and therefore can be used in addition to other furniture systems.

Conference tables

Our range of furniture provides a solution for every office space. To meet the needs of a modern and functional office, we prepared a statement of different conference tables. In our offer you can find conference tables from different systems, small meeting tables and unified conference tables.

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