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The company “MEBELUX”  has been established in 1995 and operates as a Polish-Italian joint venture. 
The quality of materials used in manufacturing process, professional customer service and level of sales are crucial to our strong position among Polish manufacturers of office furniture.
Currently, we offer a considerable number of furniture systems, from simple home ranges and sets for employees, to luxury executive office furniture. The furniture production takes place in modern buildings with a total floor area of 10000 square meters with the use of professional technological lines for processing with melamine-faced particleboards (numerically controlled machine tools).  
Our partners appreciate our focus on building lasting relationships. Our involvement and production of high-quality furniture using modern technology cause that a lot of companies and institutions, including banks and insurance companies, trusted us. Customers appreciate the fact that we are still improving the quality in every field of our activities. We try to be competitive and strive for sustainable development in the introduction of innovative and functional solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.
In addition to the furniture production, our company deals with the distribution of residential and hotel furniture which are produced by our Italian partners of ZG Gruppo (ZG Mobili, GM Cucine, GV Salotti).
Our products are sold both domestically and abroad through several distribution networks. 
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Our Mission

Our mission is to create ergonomic and user-friendly workplaces. This requires us to supply more and more excellent products.



We are constantly working on the new, technologically advanced solutions. One of the main conditions for the high quality is to implement a quality management system ISO 9001.



We meet the changing requirements of our customers and support their development through introducing some modular solutions. With pure and classic form we bring harmony to the interior and create a favorable environment for effective decision making.



Quality assurance of Mebelux refers to carefully selected materials and components used in the production of furniture. Our solutions are designed to provide reliability and durability of each product.


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